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The very beginning...

About me

Hi, I'm Dmitry Smurygin and I'm a frontend developer based in Taganrog, Russia. Mainly I worked on the front end of products such as Senseye, RevenueJump, and others. You can check my profile on Upwork.

About this site

This is a personal site, in a weblog format. It was inspired by @marinintim notes about the IndieWeb, under the hood it using javascript, 11ty, njk, carefully assembled by Webpack. This site will be a playground for me. Here I want to try out new technologies, implement some of my ideas. From time to time, I will post something that I've been thinking about or something is related to what I'm working on.


Using two languages (English and Russian) simultaneously on my blog pages can be a bit confusing. Still, the main language here is my native language - Russian. The use of English is caused only by my desire to practice English :).

💪 Make what you need. Make tools, templates, etc. for yourself first, not for all of your friends or ”everyone“. If you design for some hypothetical user, they may not actually exist; if you make for yourself, you actually do exist. Make something that satisfies your needs (also known as scratch your own itch), and is compatible for others, e.g. by practicing POSSE, you benefit immediately, while staying connected to friends, without having to convince anyone. If and when others join the indieweb, you all benefit. indieweb principles


The pug icon is by Chaitra Bangalore from The Noun Project.
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